About Us

Our story

My wife and I since we met, 44 years ago, we were united by the pleasure of traveling and meeting the local people, their gastronomy, and their culture. Based on the above, we decided that after raising our children we would go to travel the world. Therefore, the first country we visited was Colombia and so on we visited countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Holland, England, Dominican Republic, to name a few.
In addition to the above, having worked here in the city of Orlando Florida in the area of tourism for 22 years with companies such as Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton Hotels, Hertz and Enterprise rental cars in the areas of marketing and customer service has given enough knowledge to pass it on to people who want to vacation in Colombia and feel confident with a family travel agency.

Why Us ?

Our trips include exclusive partners in accommodations, transportation and unique personal travel experiences that are difficult to find elsewhere, we do the research, so you can relax and enjoy.
Plus, you are going to have free time, flexibility and optional add-ons that can craft you a perfect itinerary.
Our local expert guides are attentive, fun and extensively trained. They know Colombia and are ready to show you the authentic side to the places you visit, while giving you all the support you need along the way.
Having contact with people from all over the world due of our work, we find that Colombia is one of the interesting destinations that people want to know in their next vacation plans and it is here that we decided to start Valencia Travel LLC with the vision of being able to advise tourists who want to Know Colombia safely, economically and as a family.

Our promise

You will have fascinating, meaningful, one-on-one interactions with local people.
You will gain deep insights into the local culture by experiencing local customs, art, architecture, religion, food, and music.
You will experience the best a region has to offer – the best culture, best landscapes, best sites, best food.
We are a small company with low overhead, so we don’t weigh down our tours with excessive mark ups.
You will find our high-quality private tours to be priced competitively and affordably.
Now with the situation of COVID-19, the mission of Valencia Travel is that tourists who travel to Colombia do so following the protocols dictated by health and world tourism entities.

We Love Travel !